Doc Pop’s News Drop: WordPress 4.7 Beta and the WP REST API

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Doc Pop’s News Drop

The WordPress 4.7 beta is up now and includes lots of interesting new features, including REST API support, live CSS previews, and PDF thumbnails. You can download it here.

Love WordPress news, but hate reading? This is Doc Pop’s News Drop.

Last year we were all hyped up for the release of the WordPress REST API, a standardized way to allow WordPress powered sites to interact with other software services (like Slack,mobile apps, or anything else you want to build). But then things slowed down a bit and by Febr we were even wondering if the WP API had died a slow and painful death. But it’s back!

The REST API endpoints have officially been merged into WordPress 4.7 beta release that come out last week. No word on how that’s going so far, but if you are a developer, be sure to check around in 4.7 and give some feedback to the core team.

Speaking of 4.7, the new beta release and here are some of the new features

Custom CSS with live previews:
Get rid of your child themes and theme editors because 4.7 has live previews! You can see your changes as they happen so you’ll know if that new plugin will break your site or not.

PDF thumbnails:
Any PDF you update will come with a thumbnail. No more accidentally uploading a Gordon Ramsey recipe as your featured image on an article about cats. Before you upload, make sure it’s the right one or risk being laughed out of the media library for not knowing how to cook scrambled eggs.

There are many more features that we didn’t get to, but make sure that you check them all out.

The official release is set for Dec. 6, so if you have any feedback make sure to get it in before then.

That’s it for this week’s News Drop, be sure to check out for the lastest in wordpress news.
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