bbPress 2.5.9 Patches Cross-Site-Scripting Vulnerability

John James Jacoby, lead developer of bbPress, has released bbPress 2.5.9 to patch a security vulnerability, “bbPress 2.5.8 and below are susceptible to a cross-site-scripting vulnerability that’s due to the way users are linked to their profiles when they are mentioned in topics and replies,” Jacoby said. Marc-Alexandre Montpas is (more…)

Security Advisory: Stored XSS in bbPress

Exploitation Level: Easy/Remote DREAD Score: 6/10 Vulnerability: Stored XSS Patched Version:  bbPress 2.5.9 During regular research audits of our Sucuri Firewall, we discovered a Stored XSS vulnerability affecting the bbPress plugin for WordPress which is currently installed on 300,000 live websites – one of them being the popular support forum. Vulnerability Disclosure Timeline: April
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PHP Configuration Changes with php.ini and phpinfo()

If you do enough WordPress development, you’ll eventually find yourself in need of some PHP environment changes. These’ll look slightly different depending on circumstance, but you’ll have an issue that requires you change the way PHP behaves. Maybe you need to extend the execution time for long-running script that you really must run. Maybe you need to increase the upload limit because a client insists they let their team upload 500 megabyte PDFs.

Practical tips from small business owners using WooCommerce

More than half of Americans either own or work for a small business, and every year since 1963 the United States has celebrated National Small Business Week to recognize their critical contribution to the economy. This week we’re celebrating some of the small businesses that include WooCommerce as part of their toolkit. Something else making a significant contribution to the […]

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11 Free Web Design eBooks to Level Up Your Design Skills

Web design is a competitive field that requires its adepts to have a working knowledge of multiple disciplines while mastering others. A highly competent web designer will, for example, be knowledgeable about typography, accessibility, usability, CSS, and responsive design among many, many other topics. It’s not a job for the faint of heart. If you’re a […]

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