Proposal: Make/Core Post Guidlines

During the 4.3 retrospective, one commonly mentioned theme was make/core posts and improving their style and language. All active contributors should review this post and comment with your feedback. This is a DRAFT and a PROPOSAL, it is not a whack from above with Mjölnir. After revising, this document will live in the core handbook. Introduction […]

Responsive Images: Merge Proposal

The RICG WordPress Team is proposing a partial merge of the RICG Responsive Images plugin into core in version 4.4. Specifically, we are proposing to add native srcset and sizes support to WordPress (ticket #33641). Purpose As of today, the average web page currently weighs over 2 MB with the majority of those bytes being attributed to images. Screen density and display […]

8 Simple Pricing Tips to Boost Your Theme or Plugin Sales Today

After months of development, you have a great new WordPress theme or plugin ready for sale. You’re confident your product will help users and be worth every penny of its price. But what should that price actually be? Let’s consider another scenario. Maybe your product has been live for some time but sales are slow. […]

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Ask Yoast: do I need to optimize all of my product pages?

In the serie ‘Ask Yoast’ we answer your SEO related question. Submit your question by sending an email to and you might get a personal answer on video! Today’s SEO question comes from Gude Hudson-Gool from Kent. She is wondering: “In my online shop, should I aim to get the SEO ‘green light’ on each individual […]