Shortcake (Shortcode UI) chat summary – August 31st, 2015

Present: @danielbachhuber, @matth_eu Logs: v0.5.0 was released last Wednesday. We picked a release date for v0.6.0: Tuesday, November 3rd. Opened a bunch of issues to work on for final core integration. Triaged the issue backlog a bit. Next chat: same time and place Next release: v0.6.0 – Tuesday, November 3rd

Introducing Bloom 1.1, Now Supporting HubSpot, Emma, ActiveCampaign & SalesForce!

Since releasing Bloom earlier this year, we have had a lot of great feedback. What people have requested more than anything are additional integrations. There are a ton of great and emerging emailing marketing platforms out there, and we want to add them all! In fact, we have quite the list of requests, and we […]

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Twenty Sixteen in the theme directory

There is some great news today, to go along with Twenty Sixteen being released on GitHub this weekend: Twenty Sixteen is now available in the theme directory! Twenty Sixteen has been added to the theme directory to allow anyone to test it from their install. While under development in GitHub, there will be regular syncs from GitHub […]

Two-Factor Auth Update

It’s been a couple weeks since our last update, but we’ve had some solid headway in the last couple days! Current status of default providers: Email: In and works. FIDO U2F: In and works, but only for PHP 5.3+ (library dependency, non-trivial to revise for 5.2) Backup Codes: In and works. TOTP (Google Authenticator): Pull […]

UNLOQ – Passwordless Authentication Made Easy in WordPress

Have you reached the point where remembering and managing credentials for your dozen accounts has become such a pain that you are taking the shortcuts everyone is warning you about? Still using short, memorable passwords? Or reuse them a lot? There’s no need to do it anymore as UNLOQ makes password-less authentication a breeze.